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The IRS or Tax Resolution Experts?

I’m not sure who is more annoying tax…collectors who chase you for past due taxes or the tax firms that run the ads about tax collectors chasing you. It’s no wonder that only 10% of taxpayers with tax debt actually hire an expert to do deal with it. What’s wrong with this picture? I think I know why. I am a CPA and do tax resolution work for businesses and individuals. I am also founder of a tax resolution education platform that helps taxpayers get the help they need to deal with tax debt themselves. 

With only 10% of the tax debt customer market actually getting professional help, there seems to be a problem with either the type of professionals who purport to help taxpayers or the type of help they are offering taxpayers…or both. We think the problem is customers are only offered one approach. And 90% don’t like it. This approach involves paying a big up-front fee to resolve their tax debt. And the problem with this approach is many customers either don’t have those funds to pay a professional, or if they do have the funds, they would rather pay down their tax debt and get a sure reduction in their tax debt. And this is frequently a very bad decision.

We believe with any problem in life…not just IRS tax problems, but with ALL problems, there really are three ways to deal with them. Whether to fix your car, your house or your taxes, you can either do it yourself, or you can get some help from somebody who knows more than you, or you can simply hire a professional to do it for you. In our mind, dealing with taxes, whether it be future tax planning, or filing a current year tax return or dealing with past tax debt…this same axiom applies. But in the tax resolution industry, only one solution has been offered. We believe taxpayers should have the same three choices they have when their car needs fixing, or their house needs repairing. We call it Do-It-Yourself (DIY), Do-It-Together IDIT), and Do-It-All (DIA). A three-choice model will give taxpayers more options to get IRS and state tax agencies off their backs without the constant fear of tax lien threats, wage garnishments and asset seizures. So. they can live a happier, healthier life.